During my career in the entertainment industry, I have worked various positions as a tape operator. Most recently in the feature films, television, and visual effects industries. Having worked with both sound and picture, I am technically well rounded and very experienced with a variety of post production workflows.

Outside of technical post production, I have been a freelance creative Final Cut Pro editor for over 3 years. Working with independent producers I have edited music videos, corporate videos, event documentaries, demo reels, and web based content. No matter how difficult the task, I have the ability to work through situations that may arise during the editing process. I find a way to work through technical barriers that allow the performance to be seen, and the directors vision to be the focus.

My goal is to find a position as an assistant editor where I may contribute my knowledge and continue to develop into the field. I would love to find a creative team where I fit in and continue to grow as a creative editor.

Final Cut Pro, R3D Cinema, Tape Operator, VTRs, P2, Post Production workflows, OS X, Visual FX, Computer Technology, Digital Video Standards, UNIX, Data manipulation.

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Red Conversion
P2 Conversion
Camera Operator
Sound Recorder / Engineer